How to shoot in a room without a camera

From the makers of The Man in the High Castle, this is a must-try photo technique.The process involves using a computer and some pretty basic equipment: a tripod, an interchangeable lens, and a lens hood.(You’ll need to buy a lens for each lens, too.)You need a place to put the camera, a way to get


The most important new photography course in Ireland

More than 700 photography students have taken up the challenge of making Irish photography the best in the world.The new course, called The Civil War Photography Course, aims to equip students with the skills to tell the stories of Ireland’s most significant and controversial period, the war between 1861 and 1865.The course, which has been


How to buy the best mirror image cameras

With the proliferation of digital cameras and lenses, photographers are beginning to look beyond the limitations of the cameras themselves and start to focus on the quality of the lenses used.While some mirror image lenses have a high price tag and are hard to come by, others are available for very little money.Here are some


The NBA’s Latest ‘Watermark’ Problem

An NBA team is reportedly planning to issue a watermark on every game poster it issues, in an effort to prevent fans from being able to find out who is the winning player.According to TMZ, the team plans to issue “The World’s Largest Watermark” to every game posters the team issues, including those for the


How to photograph the sunset at sunrise

You may not have been expecting to see the sun rising on a clear day, but it will indeed be rising on the beautiful morning of June 30.The sun rises above the sea on June 30, 2017 in London, England.The first images of the sunrise will be released on June 29.The photograph shows the sun

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