Lion photos are amazing! A baby photo series from Thailand


By MATT STADHERLSTEINThe following is an excerpt from the book “Lion Photography: The True Story of the Birth of Modern Photography” by Matt Stadherlstein (public library).

Matt is the founder of, a photography company based in New York City, and the author of “The Story of Photography.”

The story begins on March 15, 2004, in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

The sky is clear, the sun is out, and everyone is wearing masks and wearing hats.

People have been coming together to form a group to photograph a newborn.

In the background are the buildings of Bangkok’s ancient King Sukhumvit University.

This was an event that could not have happened in any other city in the world.

A group of photographers had come together to capture this moment of the world’s first “baby” photography event.

The first photographer on the scene was a young woman named Prasetya Srinivasan, who had been born with Down Syndrome, and had a history of photographing animals, especially wild animals, as a hobby.

Her work was inspired by a story told by her grandmother, who told her that the story of her grandmother is that she was the one who took her first baby pictures.

The baby photograph was the result of a group of young photographers taking photographs of an orphaned lion, and a group that was very excited about the opportunity to photograph the lion.

The young photographer in the center, a young Thai woman named Srinivasan, was just five years old at the time.

She was so excited that she took the first photo, and took the lion’s photo to be the subject of the photo.

This was the beginning of the modern photographic revolution.

At that time, most photographers were just making baby photos for fun.

There was no such thing as a professional photographic studio or studio like today.

So the photo of the lion, which was a first in Thailand, was a moment that was shared with many other people around the world, and was taken with the hope that others would join in.

The photographs of the infant lion that were taken by the group that had come to Bangkok were printed in the Bangkok Post, and spread the world like wildfire.

The lion’s photos became the centerpiece of an international celebration of baby photography, and became an iconic image of the birth of modern photography.

The images became the subject for a book and a movie called “Baby Photography,” a film based on the true story of the event.

Over time, the story grew to include the lives of the people who were photographing the lion that was the subject.

A documentary was produced about the event, and other events, like the International Lion Photography Week, were held to promote the new photography movement.

As time went on, the image of a newborn lion, the lion being photographed, became part of everyday life in Thailand.

The images that were created were the work of hundreds of photographers.

They were used by Thai and foreign photographers, as well as in other parts of the country.

The image of newborn lions was also used in a number of countries around the globe, and is now used as the inspiration for countless products, including beauty and cosmetics.

Today, it is the most photographed image in the history of the United States.

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