What the hell is a photo backdrop stand?


I had the opportunity to speak with Robert Frank of Photo Background Stand and his newest creation, the Steel Wool Photography Background Stand.

The Steel Wool Photo Background stands are basically a large canvas with multiple exposures to give you a different background.

This allows you to capture different angles from different locations. 

This photo backdrop stands are made from 100% stainless steel and are designed to work with a range of cameras. 

The Steel Wool photo backdrop is a project I have been working on for over a year.

The idea for the photo backdrop stood came from my love of photography and my interest in the history of photography.

I was very lucky to find a beautiful old studio in Melbourne and with it came a wealth of opportunities to work on projects that were important to me. 

I found a studio in a beautiful residential area, on the edge of the CBD, in a suburb of Melbourne.

I have a passion for photography and it was there that I began my career as a photographer.

I was in a great position to get the opportunity for the first photo backdrop project with a studio that was just right for me.

I took some photographs, photographed the studio and sent it to my client, who was a small business owner in a different part of Melbourne called Glenburn.

He loved it and agreed to the project, even though he had a limited budget. 

We started with a blank canvas and worked our way up until we had a full wall of portraits. 

My client was very keen to get it done.

He was always a very busy man and this was a great opportunity to work from home.

He had to spend the night in the studio, and the next morning we had an almost finished portrait, which I then put in a frame. 

At that stage I was in the process of trying to sell the project to a larger company in the city.

I had to find some sort of financial source to fund the project and, at that stage, I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to be.

I needed to find the money to fund it. 

In early 2018 I began to receive emails from clients who wanted to commission me to make a photo background stand.

I responded and asked my client to send me some money to pay for the work. 

During this time I was also in contact with some friends who were very interested in doing the same.

I thought about it and thought, ‘If I have to get involved, then I have got to make this happen’.

I had my first contact with a client in January 2018.

I rang up his studio and asked for a quote.

I told him that I was looking for a portrait photographer to photograph the studio. 

He agreed and asked me to send him some money.

He asked for some pictures of the studio to be taken, and he was very happy to accept them. 

So, with my first photo on the wall, I started to get calls from clients all around the country asking if I could do something for them.

I received calls from people all over Australia and then I had people from other parts of the world call me.

They were quite enthusiastic and enthusiastic about the project.

I met with several people to try and find the right photographer to work for me and, after some negotiations, I had an agreement with a young artist named Matthew Gorman.

Matthew was from Perth and was working at the time, and I decided to call him and ask if he could take the picture for me as well. 

Matthew and I agreed to work together and, within a couple of weeks, we had arranged a meeting.

We met at a coffee shop in Melbourne.

The atmosphere was really great.

There was a big crowd of people and I thought we would get a lot of people.

We got the first shot of the portrait, and then it was time for the next one. 

Our session was short and the atmosphere was fantastic.

I got to speak to Matthew, who had just completed a series of portraits in his studio in Brisbane.

Matthew had been commissioned to photograph me in the early stages of the project so he could see what I was like.

I asked Matthew if I would like to photograph a couple more portraits.

He said I could go to his studio to photograph them and, upon my arrival, he gave me a call to come back and photograph the portrait I had just done. 

It was very exciting for me to photograph Matthew and he gave a very personal and heartfelt response to the call. 

As we were working together, I was trying to capture the emotion of Matthew’s reaction to my portrait and to his photograph. 

After Matthew took the portrait and photographed it, I went back to the studio where I took a couple photographs of the same portrait.

I then went back and took the remaining portraits.

Matthew said that he wanted me to take a few more of the other portraits as well to get a feel for Matthew.

He wanted me also

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