How to save money on your camera’s lens cover


In an age of the smartphone, the need to buy a camera cover is as ubiquitous as it is annoying. 

A photographer who’s been around for a while knows this. 

The problem is, most of us aren’t looking to save as much money as we could. 

What we need is a way to save on a lens cover that’s going to last forever, and if it’s an Apple camera, at least one that comes with a protective lens cover. 

I’ve been looking for that for a long time, and now I have the perfect lens cover for my new Nikon D750 that I’m going to be using for the rest of my life. 

If you’re like me, you probably want to save a little money on the lens cover as well. 

It’s not as hard as it sounds, and you can always upgrade to a better lens cover if you’re ever tempted to buy an inferior one. 

This lens cover comes with an optional lens cover, which I thought was pretty cool, because you can customize it to your liking. 

In this case, I picked the Nikon D7000-series and chose the Nikon M835-series lens cover over the Nikon 35-series. 

There are a few different choices for Nikon lenses, so here are the ones that are included in each lens cover: Nikon D600-series: Nikon M935-3 lens cover Nikon D700-series, Nikon D800-series (Nikon D750): Nikon D850-series Nikon D900-series/Df Olympus E-PL1-series Olympus E30-series Sony a6000 Sony a6300 Sony a6500 Sony n5100 Sony n9030 Sony n9000 Sony n9500/n9500s Sony n9600 Sony m8500 Sony M8500-series The Nikon D550-series is the only Nikon lens cover to come with a lens mount, and it’s one of the best Nikon lens covers out there. 

As the name implies, the Nikon 50-300mm lens is mounted on a 50mm lens mount. 

At its base, the 50mm is about the size of a Canon lens mount and about the same as the Canon EOS 70-200mm. 

That lens mount has a focal length of f/1.8, which is a bit longer than the Nikon lens, but it’s also narrower than the Canon lens, which means you’re able to take your Nikon 50mm wide-angle lens with you when you travel, even when your camera is at its maximum aperture of f1.4. 

Because of that, the aperture is a little wider than the f/2.8 Canon lens that comes in the Nikon series. 

Here’s a photo of a Nikon 50 mm lens on the left, a Canon 50mm on the right. 

Both lenses are about the diameter of a dime. 

While both lenses are 50mm-equivalent, the Canon 50 mm has a wider aperture and is a wider angle lens. 

To get the most out of the Canon 70-300 mm lens, I had to take the Nikon 75-300/300mm to Nikon 75mm to make it a 50-150mm lens.

The Nikon 50 f/0.95 is a prime example of how a 50 mm focal length is a very good lens.

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