How to get the perfect birthday photo


With a photo of her daughter sitting next to her, photographer Amy Cuddy decided to do something a little different for her daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Adam.

“We wanted to give them a special moment in life,” Cuddy tells me over the phone.

“And I wanted to capture a moment of hope, of happiness, of triumph.”

Cuddy says she and her photographer were inspired by their own parents, who took photos of their children, but never shared them.

“I think we’ve been very, very lucky that our family has the luxury of doing it,” Cuddysays.

“Because it’s an amazing thing.

The way that our children are raised is incredibly important to them.”

In their first photo with the photographer, Cuddy, her daughter and their husband set out to capture Sarah’s first birthday.

They started out by getting a photo from a nearby park where they had gone to school.

“When we went to the park, we didn’t really want to go back to the school, so we had to go in a different direction,” Sarah says.

“The way that we were doing it, we felt like we were being completely vulnerable.

And then we took the photo from where we had walked down and then we just had a moment together.”

Cuddies parents then used their phones to take a photo with Sarah and Adam.

She says the images were beautiful, but the real highlight came when they shared the photo with friends and family.

“It was a beautiful moment,” she says.

The couple then got a few more photos, which they all shared with their friends and loved ones.

Cuddy also says the photos capture a sense of unity in the photo.

“You see all of us, it’s like a big family,” she said.

“Everyone is in the same room together.”

Sarah says she’s happy that she was able to share her photo with people and that her mom was able.

“They’re the ones who really love and support us,” she tells me.

“So it’s so cool to see that they’re just able to get a picture and share it with their loved ones.”

What do you think?

Should your mom share your birthday photo with her family?

Share your thoughts below!

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