Which of these national parks has the most natural beauty?


Photographer David Gandy took a close look at the world’s best-preserved national parks and found that there’s no such thing as a national park without nature.

The best-protected parks are those that are among the few that have not been subject to industrial development and have had little or no human impact on the landscape.

Gandy, who writes the blog NaturePhotography.com, said he took his top 10 national parks on a whim.

He noted that if he had a choice of 10, he’d take a place like Yosemite National Park, a national monument in California that spans more than 200,000 acres and has been home to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

That place has more than 100,000 trees and more than 3 million plants, and has long been considered the world leader in nature tourism.

Gander Mountain National Park is the only one in the United States with a “national” designation, and it has become an icon for nature enthusiasts in the decades since it was created in 1890.

It’s one of the best-known destinations in the country, attracting tens of thousands to the area annually.

Ganger has more natural beauty than any other park on Earth.

The park is home to more than 500 species of trees and shrubs, with more than 80 percent of the trees being native to North America.

It also has one of America’s largest collection of rare species, including a rare pike, a rare cedar, and a rare woodpecker.

It is home a great number of rare birds, including the rare red-winged hawk, the rare western sandpiper, and the rare pheasant.

Gangers natural beauty also includes a number of wildlife species, such as the rare blue-winging heron and the golden eagle, as well as an endangered species of frog called the giant salamander.

Gandhi Glacier is a rare glacier in the Himalayas, and is the highest mountain in India.

The area is also home to a number, including some of the worlds most endangered mountain goats, a number that could be reduced if it is reestablished.

The national park is also one of only two in the world that has not seen a human impact, according to Gandy.

It has not had the kind of human-made development that many other national parks have.

Ganda Glacier, which was established in 1885, is the largest glacier in India, at 4,000 meters (19,800 feet) high and stretches for 1,000 kilometers (620 miles).

The park covers nearly 2.4 million square kilometers (1.7 million square miles).

In 2010, the park lost more than 300 people to avalanches, fires, and storms.

It had lost more snowfall than any of its neighboring parks.

Ganger said that it has had an increase in visitors in recent years, but that its current number is not enough to keep the area from becoming an “overwhelming tourist attraction.”

Ganger said there’s a lot of room for improvement in the park, including restoring more of the natural habitats it was built on, creating more areas that are open to visitors, and promoting tourism.

He said there are more than 1,200 national parks in the U.S. and there are still many that have been neglected.

Gandy said that there is a need for national parks to be protected more and more.

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