How to capture the water’s glow on your iPhone 6S


We’ve all had the moment when we were looking up and couldn’t believe how well the camera was capturing the water around us.

But that’s not how the camera works on the iPhone 6s.

If you’re using an iPhone 6, the camera on the camera lens on the front of the device will be focused on the sun.

If it’s a 6S or 6S Plus, the phone will be in landscape mode, which is normally focused on something.

The iPhone 6 is able to capture a 360-degree view, but it can only do so when in portrait mode, where the phone is facing forward.

You can’t use the phone in landscape or portrait mode at the same time, so we’ll cover the latter in this article.

To see how the iPhone can shoot a 360 degree photo in portrait and landscape modes, we need to know how the sensor on the phone works.

The sensor on a smartphone has a number of sensors on the back that it uses to detect when it’s looking at a certain object.

When you look up at the sky, your phone senses that you’re looking at the moon, the moon’s orbit, and the sun’s position in relation to the moon.

As the camera is focused on these objects, the iPhone is able do something similar to how the phone’s sensor works on an iPhone 4S.

If your phone is in landscape and the moon is behind you, the sensor will detect that you are looking at something.

This will let the phone know it is in portrait, and that you can move your head in relation for better shots.

If the moon isn’t behind you when you look at it, it won’t let you know because it’s focused on nothing.

But if the moon and the camera are on the same object, the lens on your camera lens will be fixed on the moon to capture what’s behind you.

When your phone’s focus is fixed on a certain point in the sky and you’re in landscape, the shutter will be set to 1/180 of a second.

When the camera’s focused in portrait or landscape mode and you move your camera in relation with the moon in relation, the aperture is increased to 1:1.

If that sounds familiar, that’s because that’s the aperture you get on a full-frame camera.

So when the iPhone’s camera lens is focused in landscape the lens will start to focus in portrait.

That’s because the sensor is looking at things in the background that are behind you as you look down.

That means the camera will be focusing on objects that are not in front of you.

So if you’re not looking down, you’ll be able to get a better shot of the moon because it’ll be behind you at the time you look the camera.

The problem with all this is that it’s only possible to get good shots of the sky with the iPhone in portrait because of the phone taking a 360 panorama, or “vista,” shot.

So for the most part, landscape mode doesn’t allow you to take a 360 picture of the water.

This is where things get confusing because when you shoot the iPhone with portrait mode turned on, the landscape mode will still focus on the sky.

This means that if you want to take an image of the sunrise or sunset with your phone in portrait but the water isn’t visible, the smartphone will automatically take a portrait, or landscape, shot.

But the water is still going to be visible.

If there’s a clear water surface to your left or right, the water will still be visible in the landscape, so the phone won’t be able be in portrait at all.

The camera lens, as it was fixed on your phone when you shot the sunrise, will focus on that water surface.

That will let you get a 360 angle view of the sunset, but that’s it.

The only way to get that 360 angle photo is to set the camera to portrait mode.

When that’s set to portrait, the only way for you to see the water surface is by looking down at it.

To do that, your camera will need to have the lens in portrait with a fixed aperture.

When a phone’s camera is fixed with a camera lens fixed with the lens fixed on something in front, the screen will be white and the picture is blurry.

That causes the image to look grainy.

If a phone has a camera fixed with its lens fixed in landscape then it will be able get a clearer picture of what’s in front.

The phone will not be able take a picture of water when it doesn’t have the camera fixed on it, so there’s no reason to set your phone to portrait.

If I had to pick, I’d pick portrait mode over landscape mode for most people, but you can’t just put the phone into portrait mode and expect it to look great.

So, what is a 360 lens?

If you take a close-up photo of water with your iPhone and zoom in, you can see the light reflected off

water photography

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