How to get an autograph from a celebrity photographer at your own wedding


A couple years ago, a photographer named David Vannella took a photo of me in my wedding dress.

“I was so happy I was getting the autograph,” he says.

“It was like a second-by-second snapshot.”

Vannelli says the photo is one of the best wedding photos he’s ever taken.

But I had no idea that this photographer was a big fan of the vintage look.

Vannellas wedding dress was a vintage style called vintage-y.

And that was the only way I knew to get the photo.

I was thrilled.

And so was my photographer, who told me he had the photo for me.

Vanni was just an average guy who had recently graduated from college and was a freelance photographer.

He knew that the vintage looks he loved had some of the most stunning fabrics in the world.

I knew that he was going to give me the best chance of getting the photo that I wanted.

“That’s how I got the photo,” Vannells told me.

“And I’m so glad that I did.”

But he had no way of knowing that I would also be getting the same photo with a vintage-style dress in the background.

But that was okay.

The dress was gorgeous.

And the photographer knew I loved vintage dresses.

So we started getting in touch.

We’d chat on the phone for a few weeks.

Then he got back to me on Facebook and told me that he would be taking a look at the dress.

He wanted to see how I’d handled the dress before he took it.

And he said that I’d look like a model.

So I told him I’d dress as a model and he was in.

I wore a vintage dress and had a vintage wig, and I had a couple of vintage accessories in my collection.

He had a photo in his hand and I was just about to leave.

But then he asked if I wanted to do a photo shoot with him.

I said sure, because I love vintage clothes.

But we decided to take a little break.

I told Vannello that I loved the dress and the wig.

I also love the makeup, and the way the wig turned out.

I love that it’s not just a wig and wig and no makeup.

It was actually a wig that turned out great, too.

And I love the way it looks on me.

So he sent me a photo that was even better.

Vannaellas dress was stunning.

I wanted a vintage wedding dress with a wig.

So Vanni sent me an Instagram photo of himself dressed as a man in a vintage white wig.

“Thank you for taking the photo with me,” he wrote.

“We will definitely use your image for our upcoming wedding photo shoot.”

I told my photographer how thrilled I was to get such a perfect look for my wedding.

And then I started taking the wedding photos that we were going to do.

Vanaillas wedding was a true classic, but I thought I’d use the vintage-looking dress for my upcoming wedding.

It had everything I was looking for.

It looked vintage, it looked vintage.

It just looked vintage!

I also loved that the wedding dress wasn’t a vintage piece.

It actually had a modern feel to it.

The lace and fabrics of the dress was the exact same as it would have been in the 1960s.

Vannella and I were going through my collection of vintage-inspired dresses, and we thought we’d make a couple for a future wedding.

I’d love to get to wear it to the wedding.

The bride and groom were in love with it, and it was a classic look that had just the right amount of glamour to it, but it was still beautiful.

The wedding dress that I was going for had a little bit of the 1940s to it with the modern details.

And it was the perfect dress for a bride and a groom who loved vintage, and wanted to have an authentic look.

I think I would wear it every single day for my first wedding.

“There are no rules when it comes to the vintage style,” says Vannettas wedding planner, Kristin.

“In my experience, there are only a handful of photographers that love vintage, so they’re willing to make sure the dress fits their vision of the look.”

I thought my vintage wedding was pretty amazing.

The color was just perfect, the fabrics were vintage, the makeup was vintage, Vannlla had a very vintage look with his hair, and Vanni wore a wig, but the whole thing was vintage.

I got a great vintage look, a great wedding dress, and a couple other pieces that I couldn’t have had otherwise.

But it was an honor to have such a beautiful vintage dress that my photographer was going with me.

It also meant a lot to me to get this amazing vintage wedding photo with Vannels photographer.

I’m just so happy that he knew about

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