How to cook up a golden hour meal


What to eat before bed, and what to avoid.

With the golden hour, you can eat a meal at the peak of your appetite, but also get your blood flowing and your appetite piqued.

So how do you do it?


Try to stay healthy with good food 1.5:1 or less protein: half a chicken breast, a half onion, two eggs, a slice of tomato, two tablespoons of yoghurt, a tablespoon of olive oil and a half a cup of flour.

A bit of milk and some sugar can be added, but make sure you get a nice quality food.

A few days before the golden hours, eat a good salad and a little pasta, or maybe some beef stew.

A good salad is an easy way to get a bit of protein in the diet without any carbs.


Drink water: you want to drink as much as you can.

If you’re eating well and are getting the maximum benefits from the golden moment, try to drink at least two litres of water a day.


Make sure you’re getting enough protein: if you can get the golden amount of protein you’re looking for, it will give you a boost to your energy and you will feel full more easily.

If it’s too much, try a little protein shake instead.

If the golden period is when you’re least likely to be hungry, try drinking a couple of glasses of water before bed.


Get plenty of fibre: some people prefer a little fibre, but if you’re not getting enough, try eating more fruits and vegetables.


Eat a lot of fruit: if a few days in advance you’re worried about the golden, you could try eating a lot more fruit.

This could be strawberries or oranges, apples, plums or cherries.

It’s better to get the maximum amount of fruit you can than to waste a day trying to get more than you can consume.


Keep your weight under control: it’s important to stick to a good weight.

If your body is going to be in the golden mode for more than a few weeks, it may be better to stick with a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat.


Eat more protein: a few grams of protein is fine for most people, but some people like to get quite a bit.

A small amount of bacon or ham is fine.

Eat the whole thing at once, or eat one or two small portions at a time.

A little bit of spinach or some other leafy green can be good for you.


Eat at least some fruit: try to eat some fresh fruit every day.

You can also try making a healthy version of your favourite fruit salad with fresh strawberries, strawberries and cream cheese.


Get lots of vitamins and minerals: vitamin A is a great vitamin to get for a long period of time, especially if you have mild acne.

If there’s any doubt, take a vitamin C supplement every morning before bedtime.

If a lot is going on with your skin and it’s starting to show signs of ageing, get some skin cream to help soften the spots.

Vitamin D is also a great source of calcium and zinc.

If any of these things are missing, make sure to get vitamin C and zinc daily.


Avoid caffeine: it has a number of adverse health effects, especially when you’ve just experienced the golden moments.

If caffeine is part of your diet, try reducing it to half a teaspoon a day, or even lower.

The golden moment is also when the body starts to rewire itself to release the hormones that have been released during the golden periods.

You may feel like your body’s been wired up to get you through the golden phase.

If that’s the case, try taking a vitamin D supplement before bed and then every day for a week afterwards.

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