How to find the best pattern photography


The world is full of patterns, but many of them are often overlooked.

Here’s how to find and discover the best.


Choose the right pattern to shoot.

Many of the best patterns come from people who know how to make them.

But sometimes you may be interested in learning how to design them yourself.

Here are some tips for choosing a pattern for your shoot.


Get out and explore.

If you can find the right place to shoot in your city, you can also visit some interesting shops and museums to find interesting and interesting patterns.


Find a pattern that suits you.

Finding patterns that fit you is a great way to learn new patterns.


Choose your camera.

Some patterns are made from a simple camera.

But others are designed with a digital camera, so you may need to get out of the house and explore a bit.


Use a photo editor.

Some people prefer to edit photos of their patterns, using a program like Photoshop or Gimp.

Others, like me, prefer to use photo editing programs like Photoshop Elements or Lightroom.


Experiment with your pattern.

If your pattern doesn’t feel right, try experimenting with other patterns.

Maybe you can make something out of a square or circle instead of a triangle.


Don’t feel like going to a pattern store.

Many pattern shops have a website to sell you their patterns.

If not, you may want to try a different one.


Know your patterns.

The patterns are not as simple as they appear.

Some are made with an inkjet printer, while others use a different kind of paper.

These are the kinds of things that you should check out.


Make sure you’re comfortable using your camera’s zoom lens.

Many patterns use a manual lens to focus.

If it’s a manual zoom lens, you’ll need to use the manual focus mode to get the pattern you want.



You might want to spend some time making patterns out of various materials.

For example, some patterns are designed to be made from fabric or paper.

It’s important to practice how to create patterns that you can get your hands on, and how to use a computer to create your own patterns.


Check out more pattern tutorials from around the web.

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