How did you get into food photography?


David Hamilton started his career in food photography, taking photos for newspapers in the 1980s.

He also worked for the London Stock Exchange.

He has been a contributor to The Sunday Times and the New Yorker.

He says he is currently working as a food editor for a major international publication, and that the work he is doing is an “intersectional, feminist, and post-colonial food photography project”.

I am fascinated by food as a social phenomenon and how people have created a space for this.

As food photography evolves, it becomes a way of seeing food and cooking in a different way.

This work is a way to capture the lives of people in a way that we might not otherwise be able to.

I’m interested in the food itself, the food culture and its history, and how that culture is expressed through food photography.

David Hamiltons work is part of the RTE Photography series which is curated by Food and Culture magazine.

The first piece of the series is entitled ‘Bacon on the Table’.

In it, David Hamilts camera is positioned above a table covered in bacon.

He captures the food as it is being cooked, using a wide range of camera angles to capture every moment.

The series has been shown in a number of countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

David says that this particular series has allowed him to “explore food photography from a more intimate and visceral perspective”.

David says he wanted to take photos “that are not so much about the food or the cooking, but the food in the context of a political, social, and environmental conversation”.

I think the images that we make, the images we capture, the stories we tell, that’s what makes food photography special.

David has also taken pictures for a number food magazines, including Time, Cooking Light and The Sunday World.

He points out that he does not think that food photography is a genre that should be left to the professionals.

“I think there are a lot of people that are doing amazing work that are not necessarily going to be recognised by the press, but I think that’s OK because they are doing something different and that’s great,” he says.

David Hammond is a food and culture photographer based in London.

He is currently a member of the London Food and Arts Festival, and he currently works as a freelance food editor.

You can find his work at

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