How To Stop Being So Selfish About Your Photography: 4 Simple Steps to Make It Happen


How To Make Money In Photography is a weekly column exploring the challenges and opportunities that come with being a photographer.

This week: A look at the most common misconceptions and pitfalls of photography.

Read moreThe truth is, if you want to be successful, you need to be a photographer with a vision, not an image.

You need to understand how your images will be perceived and use your image to make something of yourself.

And that’s where you need the right photographer.

Here are the 4 common misconceptions about photography and how to overcome them:Myth: You’re not making money off of your photos.

You’re simply a marketer and you’re selling your photography.

Myth: Your photos will make people money.

They won’t.

The best way to make money is to sell something else.

Myth #1: I’m too cheap to get paid.

Myth#2: You can’t afford to get creative.

Myth.#3: Your photography will only sell if people are willing to pay for it.

Myth.#4: People won’t buy your photos if you’re not selling them.

Myth 4: If I shoot a photo for a client, I’m a “professional photographer” and that makes me less valuable than the photo itself.

Myth 5: You have to sell everything you take to be considered for a job.

Myth 6: Your work should be viewed as a marketing opportunity.

Myth 7: Your clients should be looking at your photos as a way to gauge your worth and if you can convince them to pay more for your work, you’ll be more successful.

Myth 8: You need a photo studio.

Myth 9: Your photo must be professionally taken to be seen as a professional work of art.

Myth 10: You must make a profit.

Myth 11: The only way to be in demand is to have a high-quality image.

Myth 12: I must be a professional photographer because I’ve been shooting for more than 20 years.

Myth 13: My clients want to hire me because they want to buy my work.

Myth 14: People are looking for images that capture their emotion, personality and style.

Myth 15: I should be more like an artist because I am a photographer and that helps me to be recognized as one.

Myth 16: I shouldn’t be a freelancer because I’m trying to make a living and the money I make will go to my family.

Myth 17: I need a job because I can’t take a vacation.

Myth 18: I can only work at one studio.

Myth 19: I have to do a good job to get the client to hire.

Myth 20: My photo should be professionally edited so it will be as good as possible.

Myth 21: I am in the business of being a commercial photographer because my job is to make photos that people will be interested in buying.

Myth 22: I make my money off clients that are willing and able to pay me.

Myth 23: I work with people I would never work with myself, so my clients are my most loyal customers.

Myth 24: I shoot for clients who are willing, able and interested to pay.

Myth 25: I know what my clients want, and if I can get them to agree to pay, I’ll have a good shot at a good price.

Myth 26: My photography can be a great way to get clients and their friends together, to build relationships and to create lasting relationships.

Myth 27: It’s a great opportunity to get some money out of people that may not otherwise be able to afford a wedding, because I will be able show them a new way to express themselves.

Myth 28: I’ll make a lot of money.

Myth 29: I just need to work my way up from there.

Myth 30: I do all my work at home.

Myth 31: I always know what I’m going to be shooting.

Myth 32: I like to make clients feel like I’m on their side.

Myth 33: I love to travel.

Myth 34: I’ve shot weddings and funerals, and I’ve also taken portraits.

Myth 35: I don’t like to take pictures that people won’t get to see.

Myth 36: My photos should be in a certain place.

Myth 37: I want people to feel that I’m doing what I do.

Myth 38: I would like to shoot people at weddings, but my clients will be happy to see a wedding.

Myth 39: I won’t be able be a successful commercial photographer if I’m shooting weddings.

Myth 40: I hate to do photos that will be taken in public places.

Myth 41: My job is just to take a photo of a picture.

Myth 42: My work will not sell if I don and won’t sell it if I do and won.

Myth 43: I try to sell my work to clients.

Myth 44: My professional images are a way for me to share my passion for photography.

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