Indian women have made it their mission to make it to the top of the fashion industry


By the time I arrived at the first fashion show of my career, the doors of my home were still wide open.

When I opened the doors, the crowd of around a thousand was nowhere to be seen.

I looked around and saw the models in the front row and the girls in the back row.

A few were dressed in a stunning ensemble of sequin blouses, tight jeans, skirts, and skirts.

My friends and I had just finished dressing in our designer coats and heels, and were ready to take on the night, which was about to begin.

The show was a big draw for the fashion professionals here.

I had been to some fashion shows in the States, but none were this crowded.

This was no normal fashion show.

A large number of women were coming together for a grand occasion.

My colleagues and I were surrounded by thousands of people, and many were dressed as the stars of the show.

This show was not a fashion show at all, but a celebration of women in India.

And this was something that was being celebrated by all of us.

This is a story of women empowerment.

There were no male models in this show.

The fashion models, who were all wearing sequin, had come together for this big event.

This had all been planned by a group of young women from a small village in the northern state of Maharashtra.

As the day progressed, I started to hear voices in my head that were asking me why we had chosen to participate in this event.

Why had I decided to go to such a place for such a big event?

I began to think about the many girls in my village, who had come out for a big gathering for their community, and I realised that it was not just a fashion event, but an event that was a reflection of their own struggles, and of their journey to make a better life.

And so, I decided that the fashion show was also a symbol of this, that I could help this community.

What I decided then, and still do, today is to go into this show to help make this event better.

The biggest thing that I have learnt from this experience is that the world is more than fashion.

This event is also a way of sharing this message of empowerment.

I know that I was able to help in the making of this event, and this is why I chose to become a part of it.

I believe that the women who participate in these fashion shows are creating a positive image of the world, which can only be good for women everywhere.

They are empowering women in their communities and in their society, and they are also inspiring girls to strive for their dreams.

I am a proud Indian, and an advocate for women empowerment and I hope that this show will inspire other women to follow their dreams, and help make their dreams a reality.

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