The Best Food Photography Backdrops For Your Food Blog


Food photography can be a great way to get exposure for your blog, or for your business if you’re just starting out.

If you’re new to photography, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best food photography backstages for your food blog.1.

Cucumber Cafe – Brooklyn, NYBackstory: The Cucuminducumber Café in Brooklyn, New York is a cafe with a unique twist on Japanese cuisine.

Its menu includes “cucumber salad,” “coconut” salad, “taro soup,” “steak,” and “steamed rice.”

If you have a passion for Japanese food, this cafe is definitely a must-visit.2.

Huy Fong Restaurant – Honolulu, HIBackstory (and photos): Huy Fuong Restaurant is a small Chinese restaurant on a quiet street in Honolulu.

Located on the south side of Honolulu’s Downtown Honolulu, Huy Fang is one of the most unique Chinese restaurants in the city.

They serve traditional Chinese cuisine with a modern twist, as well as their signature fried chicken.3.

Kona Barbecue Restaurant – Kona, HI Backstory: Kona’s Barbecue is an award-winning BBQ restaurant located in Kona Beach, Hawaii.

Located in a renovated old warehouse on a small island, Kona is a place to eat and relax.

The restaurant features an authentic Hawaiian-inspired menu of burgers, steaks, ribs, and seafood.4.

Prawn and Chips Cafe – Honolulu Backstory (but photos): Prawn & Chips Cafe is located in Honolulu’s Historic Pearl Harbor.

Pawnee’s best-known local BBQ restaurant, the Prawns & Chips Café serves up some of Hawaii’s best, with the classic pork belly pulled pork sandwich and its signature fried oysters.5.

Salsa & Chilis – Chicago Backstory, photos: This is one place you can take photos of if you have an Instagram account.

Sausage and chips with salsa, beans, and chiles on the side is something to try.6.

The Stomping Ground – Seattle, WABackstory and photos: The Stomps Ground is a restaurant in the heart of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood that’s got an eclectic menu featuring chicken, beef, and fish tacos, burgers, and sides.

You can even try their fried chicken, but don’t expect to find a full-fledged taco truck there.7.

Cactus Lounge – Austin, TXBackstory, and photos (photos): Cactus is a local bar and restaurant in Austin, Texas that serves a menu that includes everything from steak and grits to salads and wraps.

It’s been a favorite for a while now.8.

Koko Grill – HonoluluBackstory & photos: Koko is a fast-casual sushi restaurant that serves up a diverse menu of sushi and other sushi dishes.

The waitresses have a distinct style, as they’re usually dressed in a different color and with different hairstyles, so you’ll get a different take on the menu.9.

The Fish Market – Portland, ORBackstory(photos): This sushi shop in Portland, Oregon serves up classic sushi and kobe ramen.

You’ll get the usual sushi rolls, but also the spicy tuna salad, kabobs, and tempura fish.10.

The Laundry Bar – New OrleansBackstory& photos: Chef Chris Bostick has been working at the Laundromat in New Orleans since 2005, and the Lardery has been his family’s staple since.

This bar has an extensive selection of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese foods and beverages, and it’s great for socializing or for catching up on a few drinks.11.

Moxie – Honolulu backstory &photos: Moxi is a new concept in Honolulu, Hawaii’s trendy shopping district.

Located next to the Ala Moana Center for the Performing Arts, Moxia is a Japanese-themed bar that has a unique menu that features sushi, Korean fried chicken (kimchi), and Korean baked goods.12.

The Artisanal Chef – New York, NY Backstory and photo: The Artisans is a full service restaurant that specializes in handmade artisanal foods and drinks.

Their menu includes a variety of Asian, Middle Eastern, and African-American inspired items.13.

The House of Gourmet – New Brunswick, NJBackstory.& photos (but still photos): The House Of Gourmet is a family-owned and operated restaurant that focuses on Southern comfort foods and cocktails.

The food is served on a simple and flavorful charcoal griddle, and each meal is served with homemade bread, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a side of salad.14.

Mimi’s House – Las VegasBackstory- photos: Mimi Mimi is a locally-owned restaurant in Las Vegas that specializes on comfort foods, and they’ve also been serving a variety dishes for years.

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