How to get your photo in the Guinness Book of World Records


An Irish photographer who was awarded the Guinness World Record for “most photographs taken in one day” was told he must have been lucky to get it.

Gerald Coughlan was a young man working in Dublin’s Old Street when he made the Guinness world record for photographing the city’s street lights in just two and a half hours.

He was taking photos of Dublin’s skyline at night and photographing things like cars and people from the outside, he said.

He would then take the photos and paste them into a computer program to create a photograph, but the computer wouldn’t recognise the images as being taken by his own camera.

So he asked his friend to take a photo of a car that he thought was a car, but was actually a man, he recalled.

“He told me, ‘Look, there’s a man in the front seat and in the back seat.

He’s the man you’ve been looking for.

It’s not me,'” Coughlen said.

Coughlan got the car and drove it to his friend’s house in the city centre and took the photo.

But he wasn’t the only photographer who had to pay for a photo.

“If it had been a man with a woman in the driver’s seat, I would have paid,” he said.

“We paid for it.

I paid for the whole day and it was taken.”

When he got home he found out he had been awarded the record, he explained.

“I thought, ‘Oh, well, that’s lucky.’

And I went home and thought, I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

He got a job at a car dealership, and then, after a couple of years, a couple more jobs, and a couple other jobs, he got his own picture taken.

Nowadays, Coughlin said, he’s a “regular” photographer and his photos have been shown around the world.

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