How to find your perfect lens

What is photography?I know, I know.We all know that, but the term itself has its own set of misconceptions and misperceptions.Here are some of the things we don’t understand about photography, from what is meant to be an essential tool to the best camera for every occasion.We’ll also explore what exactly a lens is, how


Why India has no more ‘national’ identity

An India with no national identity is, in the words of a former chief minister, a “vicious circle”.The prime minister’s first-ever speech on nationalism in Parliament on Wednesday was a resounding success, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing that he had declared his country to be a “nation” and had made it a “firm foundation”.But


Photography Lighting Kit – Ansel Adams Photography

Ansel Adams is a photographer with over a dozen decades of experience.The Los Angeles-based photographer is best known for his work with the iconic photographer Frank Stella, who worked on some of his most famous subjects including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and James Brown.The two have been photographed together in his iconic series of portraits.Adams


When is a drone camera a drone?

This article first appeared in the October 2017 issue of Wired magazine.Wired magazine is a leading technology news magazine covering the intersection of technology, design, and design thinking.For more on the magazine, go to


Beach Photography for Your Instagram Story

This beach photo was posted to Instagram in November 2016, by a woman named Melissa.She captioned it, “This is what I was thinking.My mind was made up.”It’s not easy to be photographed in the middle of a beach in Florida.But the photos show how much fun people can have at the beach, especially when it’s


How to Photograph Candid Photography: An In-Depth Guide

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, photography became more and more popular as a medium for the arts, particularly with the rise of digital photography.While many people still believed that photography was a photographic medium, the rise in digital photography and the proliferation of digital cameras in the home, coupled with the popularity of

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