Which toy photography can you get?

by Ars Technic article The question of whether you should own a toy camera has long been a hot topic of discussion.Some people say yes, while others say yes because the camera has a lot of potential to make your images even better.And, for many, that means that you should probably start thinking about whether


What’s in the latest glamour images?

The Verge’s latest glamor shots are up on the site and can be viewed on our dedicated gallery.In addition to our glamour, fashion and makeup shots, the site also features our favourite photos from the past year.The images you see above have been curated by The Verge editor-in-chief, Amanda Hess.We’ve also made sure the site


How to make your own DIY wedding photos

The DIY wedding photography business isn’t for everyone, and while a few DIY wedding photographers do make some of their own products, most don’t sell anything.However, there are some photographers who do.A few of them are using their skills and resources to create some of the most beautiful wedding photos on the web.From professional photographers


How to find a job in the city of Calgary

Google has been making a name for itself with its data science jobs program, and now it’s adding an art-based version to the mix.According to Google’s job listing, the company is “in the process of developing a digital arts program to help local artists create digital works.”The Calgary Arts Council has long offered grants for


Why I won’t be taking pictures of wildlife in the US anymore

On Wednesday, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced that it was pulling its “unity” photography program in the United States.The move came after the US Department of Agriculture said it was considering restricting the programs participation in its wildlife programs, and that the program could be eliminated.In an announcement on Wednesday, WCS President Mark Smith said

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